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Gliding in Peterborough

Gliding in Peterborough

Our Peterborough gliding experiences offer you the superb sensation of speed and silence! Powerless flight is definitely a feeling to be tasted and savoured as you glide gracefully above the skies of Peterborough and the surrounding Cambridgeshire countryside. This club near Crowland is owned and run by a very enthusiastic team of members who will be sure to welcome you to the gliding club fold.

Based at St Guthlac’s Lodge since the early 1980s this Peterborough centre prides itself on being ‘a pleasant place for our members and visitors to relax meet like-minded people and of course glide’. The set up is small but very well organised with a duty pilot ground crew team and tug team all ready to help you get into the air for your first lesson.

You will be taught in one of the modern two seater trainer gliders at Peterborough such as the Puchacz or Twin Astir models both of which are owned by the members. Chief Flying Instructor Kevin Fear or one of his team will show you around the craft as it is being ‘rigged’ ready for launch. Once strapped in and settled the rope is attached to the tug aircraft (either a Pawnee or Beagle Huskey) and you are pulled into the air.

Depending on which experience voucher you’ve chosen you’ll be released at anything from 2000 to 5280ft (that’s a mile high!) following the usual glider protocol that dictates that you go left and the plane breaks off right.

From that moment on it is just you the pilot instructor and the craft as you soar through the air – it takes a few moments to get used to the sound of wind rushing with no motorised noise but once you do you’ll be keen to learn about the search for ‘thermals’ as the lattice of fields of the Peterborough landscape gets ever smaller as your glider continues to rise.

If you opt for a single Peterborough gliding session you will enjoy one aerotow from the airfield calculated to give you between 20 and 30 minutes of gliding time. Those on the one day introduction to gliding experience will get a much fuller insight into how gliders soar and fly rigging and launching as you’ll have the benefit of not just one but three aerotows from this airfield in Peterborough during your day which we think will have you hooked on gliding!

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