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McLaren 570s

McLaren 570s

Oh.My.Word. This the moment the McLaren 570S comes to a track day near you! The McLaren sport series is a superlative selection of sporting masterpieces and this experience gives you the chance to actually take one of them the 570S round a proper race track. Nice.

As you probably already know each and every McLaren car is lovingly hand-built in Woking. And it’s a very specialist outfit selling fewer than 2000 cars a year. So whilst the cars are already pretty rare on the public roads it’s even rarer to actually have the chance to be driving one on a race circuit so what are you waiting for

Let us tell you a bit more about the 570S. Well you guessed it it’s named after the horsepower. Pushing out 562bhp from the 3.8l V8 engine this rear wheel drive lightweight car boasts a 0-62mph time of just 3.2seconds.

Unveiled at the 2015 New York motor show this is McLaren trying to capture the ‘everyday supercar’ market with the aim of being highly drivable and more practical than you’d imagine for such a fancy car. That means there’s even storage and luggage space and nice comfy leather upholstery for that cruising rather than racing feel. Mind you it still costs upwards of £140 000…

So now you’ve been introduced to the car (which we might add retains those distinctive gull-wing doors so loved by McLaren Automotive) the next question is how long will you be at the helm of this car for? The answer is simple. You will be at mission control of this beast for six delectable miles.

The 570s is a bit like the young agile Lion of the McLaren pack. Let’s see if you can tame the McLaren 570S during your session on the track. Time to roar away from the pit lane…

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