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Nationwide Gliding Voucher

Nationwide Gliding Voucher

For those brave enough to try the motorless thrill of gliding UK clubs offer some of the best airborne opportunities around. You might find yourself gliding over rugged coastlines or soaring over the vast flatness of the fens so we think these nationwide vouchers are a fantastic aerial way to discover new parts of the country through the magical sport of gliding.

These vouchers give you maximum flexibility. There’s no need to decide where to take your first taste of gliding – with UK-wide aero clubs accepting IntotheBlue vouchers you can order your voucher today and let the lucky recipient choose where they go for their gliding experience. With locations around the UK to choose from there’s sure to be a flying centre to suit everyone.

Most sessions last approximately an hour in total including a safety briefing and explanation of the basics of gliding. You’ll enjoy either one or two flights giving you an overall flying time of around 15 minutes. During this time you’ll have the opportunity to take some stunning snapshots of the Great British scenery below as well as the option to take over the glider’s controls for a short period of time.

Our hand-selected range of UK gliding clubs offer either winch and/or aerotow launches depending on the site. Winch launches are via a ground-based cable which pulls the glider forwards at a fast enough pace to create the lift needed to get the sailplane off the ground whereas on aerotow launches the glider is towed into the air by a aeroplane. These tows allow you to reach a higher altitude and offer a smoother more sedate ascent but a winch launch has its own thrill as you are dragged into the air with some speed.

Once the winch or tug plane detaches you’ll begin to feel the eerily exciting sensation of gliding across the UK skies in an utterly silent motor-free machine relying solely on air currents and ‘lifts’ such as thermals to keep you aloft. The views are guaranteed to be spectacular especially on clear days.

For anyone looking to try a new aerial adventure gliding in the UK is sure to lift spirits as high as the sky and this nationwide opportunity is the perfect gift for those with a yearning to touch the clouds. For those preferring to sample powered flight IntotheBlue has a variety of flying lesson experiences guaranteed to delight too.

Find out more and book your place today!

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