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SMART LEISURE Juggernaut Experience

SMART LEISURE Juggernaut Experience

Climb up to the trucker’s cab on this juggernaut experience and find out what it’s like being King or Queen of the road! Get ready to drive a very fancy-looking Volvo truck around a private circuit to give you a flavour of life on the road as a haulier.

The FH series from Volvo has been a best-selling truck for over two decades now. The trucks are powered by some of the most powerful engines on the market and they’re well-known in the haulage community for being reliable making them the ideal choice for long-haul journeys. 

The 2010 Volvo FH460 you’ll be driving on this juggernaut experience boasts the revolutionary I-Shift automatic transmission so now being a trucker is a whole lot easier with no clutch to bother with. You literally put the truck into drive and the TMS (Transmission Management System) selects the gear to start you off in and it’s displayed on the dashboard in front of you. You might be surprised to see at this point that if you’ll not pulling lots of weight or on a slope you can set off in something like fourth gear!

And as we have already hinted this is not your average juggernaut that pounds the tarmac travelling up and down the country collecting and delivering goods every day this Volvo rolls with a very expensive consignment onboard. It’s hooked up to a very special supercar trailer that’s exactly the same as you see motorsport teams use at race events that folds down and opens out to create a sort of mobile HQ for your team with storage space for the cars and a workshop too.

Luckily the trailer will be empty (just in case your first foray into juggernauting around the slalom track isn’t as smooth as you’d like) but it is still pretty impressive when you look in the wing mirror and see 45ft of shiny black trailer gleaming back at you. And talking of wing mirrors there are plenty to choose from with three on each door – and as any seasoned trucker will tell you with this many blind spots it’s all about constantly checking your mirrors when you’re on the road and manoeuvring.

Despite all that length and weight onboard once you’re in the hot seat you might be surprised at how light the steering on these juggernauts is. It actually doesn’t feel that heavy or cumbersome at all to drive and you’ll certainly be impressed at how well they accelerate!

Let’s face it we’ve all fancied having a go at being a trucker at some point in our lives – perhaps not the traffic jams and driving in the torrential rain bits but the freedom of the road and that super-high up view in the juggernaut has to be experienced at least once in your driving life!

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