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10 Best Places to Walk Your Dog in London

10 Best Places to Walk Your Dog in London

Clissold Park London (by David Holt)

London may be notorious for its frenetic and congested rush hours, but it’s also regarded as one of the world’s best places to walk your dog. Where else can your furry pal get a free ride on the Tube? Provided it’s on a leash, of course. From spas to recreational facilities to bars and restaurants, more and more London establishments are adding to the long list of institutions opening their doors and their properties to man’s best friend. After all, it’s the capital city of that part of the UK that has bred many of the world’s foremost breeds of dogs. So get your dog leash ready and have those poop bags on the fly as we take you to the 10 best places to walk your dog in London.

Battersea Park

Your furry pal will never feel more at home when you walk it on the grounds of the Battersea Park as this is the home of the Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s Home, the British Isles’ oldest and definitely most famous animal rescues. It’s no wonder that it is one of the friendliest places to bring your dog to. With woodland areas and plenty of greeneries plus a lake that is home to boats and ducks alike, the Battersea Park offers a lot of wonderful memories for you and your pet.

Chiswick House and Gardens

Did you know that the famous New York Central Park actually drew its inspiration from the 18th century gardens of the Chiswick House and Gardens? Waterfalls, woodland areas, and lakes dot the 26-hectare landscape that is blanketed in green and adorned with the most colourful and most amazingly fragrant floral gardens one can ever see. There’s a lake that is dedicated solely for man’s best friend and plenty of greens for them to frolic.

Greenwich Park

Dividing the planet’s western and eastern hemisphere is the Meridian Line located right in Greenwich Park. The 73-hectare World Heritage Site features an ocean of greens and colourful blooms and dotted with iconic sites. Red deer and fallows can be seen in enclosed areas. You can always let your pet explore the grounds except in these areas especially during those times of the year when wildlife are breeding and birthing as they can be quite protective of their young.

Epping Forest

A haven for adventurers and their four-legged pals, Epping Forest happens to be the city’s largest open space. It boasts of 2,400 hectares of ancient woodland with 50,000 pollard trees blanketing the area in lush green and about 100 ponds and lakes that are forever inviting to whoever wants to take a dip. There are 4 visitor centres located in strategic areas, offering visitors and their canine pets a choice of walking routes.

Hyde Park

As busy as it may be, Hyde happens to welcome four-legged visitors with open arms. You’ll never run out of interesting landmarks to see while your pooch takes in a much-needed breather. See the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and let it mesmerise you with its elegant cascade. Just don’t let your hound into the water. Speakers’ Corner as well as the Serpentine Lake are must-sees. Right in the heart of central London, Hyde Park features sprawling greeneries that will let your pet have a heyday rolling on the grass.

Alexandra Palace and Park

With panoramic views of the London skyline, this Victorian palace and park provides pet parents and their respective pooches a very unique experience walking on open grasslands and under lush green canopies before fascinating ornamental gardens open into view. Then there’s the boating lake with which to draw your inspirations in life and which you can take your dog on a walk along its coastline.

Crystal Palace Park

Let the Jurassic World fan in you come alive at the Crystal Palace Park while your beloved pooch gets to hone its problem-solving skills going through the various mazes. The park is best known for its dinosaur statues that lurk behind trees standing guard around its pristine lake. It may have a prehistoric theme, but its amenities are definitely more of contemporary times. It’s definitely one of the best places to walk your dog especially if you’re the type who wants to walk in the land of dinosaurs.

Finsbury Park

Take your dog on a hike along the 4.5-mile footpath that was once a railway line. The shaded footpath should shield you and your pet from the elements while taking on stunning scenery that can easily transport you to the Victorian era. Finsbury Park is one of the city’s first great parks and still remains a very popular destination to this very day especially among pet parents who’d love nothing else than enjoy a quiet stroll with their furry friends.

Clissold Park

There may be dog-free zones in Clissold Park, but these are relatively small compared to the vast open space that your furry pal is allowed to roam and explore on. It’s a cherished park, long threatened by the force of man’s thirst for development. As development slowly crept into Hackney, the small community park had to do something to strengthen its lakes, greens, and the Clissold House making it a paradise in a sea of development.

Hampstead Heath

If you’ve got a dog that’s fond of anything that flies, Hampstead Heath is a great place to walk in. Fondly called the ‘kite hill’, the Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath is the perfect venue for kite fliers as well as the best location for taking a breath-taking view of the city. Let your hound dive into one of the swimming ponds. Play Frisbee or simply take a walk on the wildlife-rich parkland. You’ll need more than a day to explore every square inch of its 320-hectare expanse.

Walking your dog in a busy metropolis like London may not really be that far-fetched, especially if you know where to go. With these 10 best places to walk your dog in London, you’re surely guaranteed more meaningful times with your furry best friend.

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