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52 of the world's best young art galleries are coming to London this weekend, all for free | The Real Britain Company

January is normally a pretty miserable time for art: everyone’s sleepy, hungover and hibernating. But since 2017, Condo has been plunging a much-needed shot of adrenaline straight into the icy veins of London’s wintery art scene, bringing tons of galleries to town for a genuinely exciting month-long art festival. The idea is simple: young galleries from around the world descend on London for one-month residencies in various contemporary art spaces, which host their global buddies and show work together with them. This year, it’s bigger than ever, with 52 international galleries across 18 London spaces. See it as your chance to glimpse what’s hip and happening in Berlin, Guatemala, LA, Hong Kong and plenty of other places, just without the air fare. We can’t wait to see LA’s Chateau Shatto taking up residency at Sadie Coles HQ, Cairo’s Gypsum Gallery at The Sunday Painter and Tokyo’s Misako & Rosen at Southard Reid in Soho. Condo is spread across the whole city, but don’t let that put you off, it’s the perfect excuse to work off the seasonal gluttony while soaking up some of the best new art around. We’ll be there this Saturday, hitting up as many galleries as we can muster, come join us. 

Condo takes place at carious London venues, opening Sat Jan 12 and running until Feb 9, all free. For full listings, head to

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