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Brilliant Corners – A jazz kissaten in Dalston

Brilliant Corners – A jazz kissaten in Dalston

I love this place: is it a bar? a Japanese restaurant? a live music venue? a huge dj booth?

It’s all and more, but I’ll start with the food… pictured is the Wasabi Salmon Salad. Which is Scottish salmon with crispy skin, wild rocket, red onion, avocado and shiso with Wafu (citrus soy sauce & sesame oil) dressing.

I’ve eaten it. It is delicious.

The menu also includes Aburi Mackerel (flame seared fillet of mackerel with Shiso, Mooli and English mustard) and Aburi Salmon Uramaki (wild rocket, shiso, red pepper and avocado, topped with Scottish salmon seared by a blow-torch). 

I’ve eaten both. They were delicious.

In fact everything I’ve eaten here is delicious. But, and it is a BIG BUT, the food isn’t the main reason to go to Brilliant Corners… The main reason to go is simply one of the best sound systems in London!

The owners have spent thousands of pounds installing valve amps, Bozak mixers, customised decks and amazing speakers in each corner (the Brilliant Corners, presumably) and what you have is a near-perfect analogue audiophile system.

To play here they invite interesting and eclectic DJs and record collectors. So one night you might have 60s soul, the next could be African or perhaps a tribute to the spacejazz of Sun Ra.

Great food, a fantastic wine and beer selection and an interesting soundtrack on an amazing-sounding sound system. It all goes into making Brilliant Corners one of the best places to go to at the moment.

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