If you hadn’t already heard, this Friday is World Car Free Day.

Before you angrily start tooting your metaphorical horn because you’ve got an important pitch meeting to get to or a naked-drawing class you can’t miss, listen up.

London-based Brompton Bike Hire is giving away the equivalent of 15,000 days’ of bike hire to mark the occasion. If the gears are still turning, that’s a total of over 40 years worth of pedal power. 

Brompton has got Londoners from A to B since 1975, and in 2011 it branched out to become the UK’s largest network of hire bikes, so fret not, fellow commuters, we’re in safe hands.

The Campaign for Movement aims to get us all moving, and stemmed from the grim fact that 95 percent of Londoners live in areas which exceed World Health Organisation (WHO) pollution guidelines. 

Not a bad idea, especially given that cycling through Regent’s Park is considerably more enjoyable than having a strange armpit in your eye at 7am. Plus, with the Circle line about as reliable as Mariah Carey, you’ll probably get to work (or that clothesless torso) faster.

The bike hire memberships are available to new members through the Brompton Bike Hire app on a first come, first served basis.

So join the resistance and show Silicon Valley you don’t need a PhD from MIT to make a difference.

Just don’t forget your helmet.

Want more information? All the details on Brompton Bike Hire can be found on its website. 

For more ways to get involved in World Car Free Day, have a read of our World Car Free Day guide

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