From flakes to freakshakes, sorbets to sandwiches, ice cream is a pretty versatile thing. But, according to Farringdon pub The Conductor, our delicious friend hasn’t been living up to its full potential all these years.

Welcome, The House of Ice Cream, a new pop-up where scoops of the good stuff will be served as the accompaniment to fried chicken, chips and hot sauce.

Sounds fowl? Don’t worry, the wacky brainchild of Fuller’s Kitchen, dreamed up to celebrate National Ice Cream Day, will also be serving some slightly less out-of-the-box (or should we say tub?) options for those who prefer to keep things sweet.

You can nab a range of boozy ice-cream floats including tequila with blood orange sorbet and a Pornstar Martini with raspberry sorbet, or, for the traditionalists among you, simply head to their DIY ice-cream bar where all manner of toppings will be awaiting you.

The House of Ice Cream opens tomorrow (Wednesday July 17) for the next fortnight.

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