A YouTube craze (no less) is coming to this city next month: a pop-up where Londoners will be able to try out an ASMR experience for themselves.

ASMR – or ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’ to those who like their initialisms with an explainer – is the brain’s reaction to a euphoric experience. It can be triggered by things as mundane as watching someone chop veg, but the spine-tingling sensation has been described in some circles as a ‘mind-gasm’.

The trend is sweeping social media by storm because of its reported relaxing and mindfulness benefits, and there are a whopping 13 million YouTube videos catering to its legion of millennial fans: even Cardi B is at it.

The free ASMR Experience Rooms by Fuze Tea is the first of its kind in the UK and will look to give Londoners the chance to have all of their senses stimulated across five different rooms. Head along to relax, unwind, meet YouTube ASMR star Whispers Red and feel mindful AF before undoing all the good work when you cram yourself onto the tube to get home.

ASMR Experience Rooms by Fuze Tea runs on Friday November 9, 1pm-8pm and Saturday November 10, 10am-8pm at Noho Studios, 46 Great Titchfield St, W1W 7QA. For more details and to bag your spot head here.

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