Continuing the theme of London breweries opening up on industrial estates, Signature Brew impressed me most on my first visit by its size. Another taproom where you can drink amongst the barrels but this time it is hall-like and to give an idea of the dimensions, the brewery runs events including film screenings on a 16ft cinema screen.

Beer and music is Signature Brew’s reason for being and the music theme runs through the brewery. Neon lights amongst the barrels make you think of all those pictures of Vegas, the beer pumps are in the form of microphones and names of the liquid gold (Roadie, Backstage, Big Beat and Raw Power after the Iggy & the Stooges album) all give a nod to the theme. There are two drinking areas here at Signature Brew, the small taproom or the larger brewery space with collapsible long tables and benches which I imagine are moved outside once the summer arrives. Being a winter visit, my drink of choice was the porter, Nightliner. £2.50 for a half-pint plus a £2 deposit for the glass which you can either have refunded or take away a can of your choice. Of course I went for the can option.

Street food comes in the form of changing vans, mainly from We Serve Humans and Walthamstow Dogs, which I have tucked into at another taproom and would recommend highly. Definitely not the last time I will be here.

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