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The French House – Old school journo den

The French House – Old school journo den

Some places are just intrinsically cool, years of history building the spot you see in front of you today. The French House in London’s Soho is one such place. With a long, proud history as the haunt of literary and media types, The French House has a long-standing reputation as a central pillar in London’s historic district of dastardliness and debauchery.

Its iconic blue frontage with huge French Tricolour and Union Jack blowing in the breeze is as much a part of the Soho landscape as neon signs and sex shops, but what makes this place so special is its beautifully maintained atmosphere ties you to those who have passed through before.

Upstairs a Michelin Guide-listed restaurant sells appealing French fare in a small room, but wine by the glass is the true currency here, with its unique history part of the district’s rich tapestry from years of journalists pouring off Fleet Street to chew the fat on the latest happenings in the world of news.

This bohemian bar is both a classy and raucous spot, where good taste in both art and wine is vital but stuffy manners are chucked into one of the well-used cigarette bins out front. If its wine-soaked tables could talk, they’d tell of the endless nights of laughter, rosy, cheeks and steamed-up windows that the French House is almost a synonym of for those in the know.

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