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Junior Car Designer Experience

Junior Car Designer Experience

Check this our kids – a car designed by you and built just for you! See your very own car design come to life on this junior car designer experience. The dream cars of children become a reality and once it’s built a professional driver will be on hand to drive you into school in your creation for a whole school term. How cool is that?

The idea of this junior car designer course is that children sit down in the workshop of a famous British car manufacturer (we can’t divulge which one as it’s top secret until you book) and you will be given the chance to draw the car of your dreams on paper. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece in technical drawing the skilled team are very good at interpreting even the most ‘impressionist’ of squiggles on a page by even the youngest of junior car designers.

Once you’ve signed off your design it gets handed over to the concept office. They will build a scale replica of your creation. It’s at this point that you miniature designers will be invited back to agree all the interior and exterior details. You’ll be able to choose the colour of your car bodywork the brake calipers and so on from a huge palette as well as picking out the interior fabrics and materials you prefer too.

And of course you can let your imagine go wild. Maybe you’d like polkadot racing bucket seats? How about integrating a 40” Smart TV in there? Or perhaps you’ll be more concerned about what alloy wheels you’d like or how fat the spoiler’s going to be? Everything is customisable.

For it to be transformed into an actual real motor vehicle a team of specialist automotive technicians will take over from the design team. In the pristine workshops your car will be manufactured from scratch. It’ll also be completely exclusive being the only one in the world ever to role off the production line.

On this junior car designer experience you’ll be able to watch the whole process as the chassis moves around the plant until it passes through the final checks. A driver will be waiting to take you back home from the car factory in your fabulous personally designed car and you will just love it. They will be back again 08:15am sharp the next and every school day for the rest of the term ready to take you to school. Now we reckon that makes school worth getting up for doesn’t it?

Find out more and book your place today!

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