The name’s Cinema, Secret Cinema. Yes, the biggest name in experiential cinema is back and it’s licensed to put on a new 007-flavoured extravaganza. The film? ‘Casino Royale’. The location? Top secret. 

Plenty have already booked tickets. So many, in fact, that the first run sold out. Good news, though, Bond fans: more tickets will soon be available for Secret Cinema’s nights between June 5 to September 22. They’re going on sale on Friday, January 25 at 12pm.

‘Casino Royale’ is, of course, the best of the Daniel Craig-era Bonds and will offer some fantastic fancy-dress opportunities for Secret Cinema-ees when the event kicks off on May 29. You can slip into some super-tight swimming trunks – gym work may be required for that one – dry-clean your chicest tux, or just turn up as a giant ‘M’.

Prices start at £49 and go all the way up to (gulp) £175, excluding booking fees. Head to the official site for all the info.

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