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Rock Climbing in Kent

Rock Climbing in Kent

Rock climbing in Kent is a great way to have fun get fit and be in the great outdoors! These rock climbing sessions take place on the Kentish sandstone near Tunbridge Wells and they are ideal half and full day sessions for those who want to have a go at the ‘real deal’ in an outdoor setting.

The climbing courses run by this Kent-based outfit are designed to introduce total beginners (or indoor climbers) to the world of climbing outdoors. It’s an ideal way for anyone thinking of taking up climbing as a sport to get an idea of what is involved. The emphasis is on allowing beginners to try out the sport have fun and learn the basic techniques of climbing.

During the session you will cover belaying (rope techniques) safety awareness practical climbing skills and you’ll be introduced to bouldering. Going a little further into the teaching the full day option also introduces climbing etiquette and using guidebooks route selection and more in depth techniques.

Of course if you’ve never been climbing before it’s sure to be a bit nerve-wracking. But fear not the instructors at this Kent climbing school are all really good at encouraging you giving clear easy to follow instructions and (literally) helping you find your first foot and hand holds on those sandy rocks.

You’ll be at the popular Harrison’s Rocks a rare outcrop of sandstone crag in south east Kent that attracts many climbers. The rocks reach a height of 40 feet in places and provide over 300 different climbs catering for climbers of all abilities. Routes are graded so you’ll start easy and as confidence grows you’ll tackle trickier climbs.

All courses in rock climbing in Kent are tailored to your ability so it doesn’t matter if you have future ambitions of climbing a 4000m+ alpine mountain or just want to give it a go to test yourself and see if you can do it. Whatever your motivation the fully qualified friendly and enthusiastic instructors will ensure you have a great time learning how to climb.

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