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A Night At The Arch Hotel, London

A Night At The Arch Hotel, London

In 1791, London’s Great Cumberland Place was complete. A handsome thoroughfare that ran between Marble Arch and leafy Hyde Park, Great Cumberland was a street lined with towering Georgian mansions and flickering oil lamps – a place reserved only for London’s very finest residents. Here, behind lofty sash windows and velvet curtains, Dukes and Duchesses lived, with the likes of Lady Trollope sashaying along its cobbled streets, as American ambassadors rattled past in horse-drawn carriages. Living here would have been a very refined affair; the sort of thing found in a Jane Austen novel. Glancing out of the open sash window – Great Cumberland Place falling away below – my first impression was that not a lot had changed. Stood inside my own Georgian mansion – now home to London’s five star boutique hotel, The Arch London – I watched as a newly flowered blossom tree showered passersby with its sugary petals; its street confetti fluttering up into the air. It was all so quiet, so peaceful – so refined. As our helpful porter showed us to our lofty hotel room, I asked if royalty still lived on these streets. Did Counts and Countesses still call this tranquil part of […]

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