Being a bit of an Asian food nerd, Bang Bang Oriental is a like a candy store to me.  Ok, it’s north-north London location might be a trek for many but make the effort and be rewarded by a smorgasbord of specialist eateries offering cuisines from all across East Asia. This large complex is essentially a huge food court, the largest of its kind in the UK, and after getting there, the biggest challenge is deciding what to have.

Portions are all quite large so I’d recommend going in a large group and sharing. I’ll usually make a beeline to Four Seasons – famous for some of the best Cantonese roast duck in town, always glistening with perfectly crispy skin. Royal China – the revered dim sum specialists also offer their delicious steamed dumplings alongside lesser-known traders peddling Schezuan, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Korean and Japanese offerings. I love that you can mix and match such a wide variety of cuisines in one sitting. 

Downstairs offers a more formal sit-down Cantonese restaurant experience and there’s a large Oriental supermarket next door for those in need of some groceries.

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