London is full of opportunities to take to the skies to get a good view of the sprawling city, but none I find as interesting as a voyage on the Emirates Air Line.

Despite the huge sponsorship from a big name brand, this intriguing and inexpensive method of travelling between Greenwich and the Royal Docks over the River Thames is largely underrated.

I recommend boarding your pod from Greenwich and taking a round-trip. There is the option for a single journey, but it almost doesn’t feel long enough and plus, there doesn’t seem to be too much to do in the Royal Docks!

Your trip across the skies will offer sublime views of the Millennium Dome and the business district of Canary Wharf, but what I find most fascinating is peeking into the life of the London Docklands. Old, rusty boats and ships are scattered across the murky grey of the River Thames and on land, there are hundreds of crusting shipping containers and metalworks.

If you’ve got an Oyster card you can even nab a £1.00 discount! At the end of your ‘flight’ hop off and enjoy the rest of your day exploring the quaint and historic borough of Greenwich.

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