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The Orangery – It’s tea time!

The Orangery – It’s tea time!

Cue music. Cue the Duke of Cambridge stretching in the gardens of Kensington Palace after a hard afternoon of mowing. The ladies-who-tea gather about admiring his royal physique as they sip their tea and bite into their cucumber sandwiches whilst letting out a lusty sigh. Mmmm, what time is it? It’s tea time at The Orangery!

Of course, the scenario above is pure fantasy. The Duke of Cambridge does not cut the grass in the palace gardens. Nor does he hang about in quite a ‘public’ area. What is real is that The Orangery is the perfect place for afternoon tea, which is traditionally around 16:00 (although they serve it here from noon) and the fact that ladies do swoon over Prince William – I’m sure his wife wouldn’t mind!

Afternoon tea is not religiously practiced anymore but should you fancy having a go, then The Orangery is highly recommended. It is located within the grounds of the Kensington Palace. They serve the traditional afternoon tea trimmings of sandwiches in those lovely tiered trays along with scones, clotted cream and jam. For the sweet toothed, prepare for an avalanche of cakes and tarts. And if you happen to have missed lunch, then you can also order some light pasta and salad dishes. Make sure that you book your table to avoid queuing at very busy times.

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