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These are London’s most popular cycle routes, according to Lime

These are London’s most popular cycle routes, according to Lime

Lime bikes might’ve only been in London for a few years, but they’ve transformed how so many of us get around the city. Whether you use one for your commute or only take a Lime as a last resort, they’re a pretty convenient and affordable alternative to public transport. Even if they’re often left in annoying places and make that irritating click-clacking sound.

If you’ve ever wondered where the most popular places to ride a Lime bike are in London, well, you’re in luck. Lime has just revealed its official stats on where and when the bikes and e-scooters have been used most in the past 12 months.

Lime’s data revealed that Blackfriars Bridge was the most popular spot for Lime users in 2023. And that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? After all, if you’re a tourist visiting London, sailing over Blackfriars Bridge on a Lime bike, surrounded by the Thames and the capital’s most famous landmarks, is a pretty flawless way of experiencing the city.

Second most-popular was Victoria Embankment, followed by London Bridge, both of which we imagine are popular for similar reasons as Blackfriars Bridge. Other popular spots were South and West Carriage Drive, two of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens’ most picturesque cycle routes. 

Here were the ten most popular London cycle routes in 2023, according to Lime. 

  1. Blackfriars Bridge
  2. Victoria Embankment
  3. London Bridge
  4. South Carriage Drive
  5. West Carriage Drive
  6. Vauxhall Bridge
  7. Waterloo Bridge
  8. Oxford Street
  9. Hyde Park Bike Path
  10. Pritchards Road

But Lime didn’t just provide a list of the most popular routes – it also picked out some specific events that led to more usage of its bikes and e-scooters.

One of Harry Styles’ Wembley gigs apparently led to a 195 percent surge in Lime bike usage in the area, while one day of All Points East (the HAIM one) saw an 88 percent increase in demand for the bikes and e-scooters. Other events that led to more Lime usage were Wimbledon (which saw a 157 percent increase) and the London Marathon (54 percent increase).

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