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5 Reasons Autumn is the Perfect Time to Plan a European Getaway

5 Reasons Autumn is the Perfect Time to Plan a European Getaway

If you’ve always wanted to visit Europe and plan to check several countries off your list, you may be wondering when is a good time to visit. While many people plan a European getaway in the spring or summer, we strongly recommend you take a trip during the fall. There are so many benefits to visiting during the autumn months and it makes for a unique experience. Here are the top 5 reasons fall is the perfect time to plan a European getaway.

It Can Be a Lot Less Crowded

When you’re travelling throughout Europe, you’ll want to avoid the crowds. More crowds mean more waiting in lines. It can also make it a challenge to enjoy the best attractions and activities because there are too many people around. Summer months tend to be the busiest throughout Europe as many travellers around the world have vacation time then. Be smart and visit when there are fewer people.

Enjoy Beautiful, Cool Weather 

In certain cities like Paris, Prague, and Amsterdam, winter can be very cold and windy! This kind of weather can make it harder to enjoy spending time walking around. In addition, summer months can be hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. Fall is the perfect time to visit due to the cooler, crisp weather. This makes for a more enjoyable situation for long walks and you’ll get the added benefit of beautiful fall views. There’s just something special about all those orange, red, and yellow leaves!

Looking for the perfect autumn photo spots? Check out the fallen leaves at Buttes-Chaumont Park in Paris, take in the iconic canals at the Canal Belt in Amsterdam, and explore the tree-lined paths at Regent’s Park in London.

Take Advantage of Better Prices

When there are fewer travellers visiting an area, prices tend to be lower. You may be able to book a cheaper flight and get better pricing on your accommodation when visiting Europe in autumn! This can make your whole trip much cheaper, meaning you can spend more on experiences like taking a food tour or taking part in a recreational activity.

Spend Time at Special Festivals and Events

Autumn is a great time for festivals and events, especially in Europe. If you’re looking to take part in memorable experiences, you’ll want to visit during this time. Here are some examples of fun fall festivals and events found in Europe’s biggest cities:

  • Paris Nuit Blanche or White Night: Special parades, concerts and activities are planned for this eventful night. In addition, museums, galleries and cinemas open up free of charge late into the night for a fun celebration.
  • Amsterdam Dance Event: Known as the largest electronic music event in Europe, top musicians and DJs entertain visitors with live music during this October event. 
  • Erdinger Oktoberfest London: Head to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and sample German beers. This month-long celebration features Germany’s best foods and drinks.

Fall Foods Are Delicious

What better way to explore the many cuisines throughout Europe than by trying cosy comfort foods in the fall. We dare you to try pumpkin risotto or pumpkin ravioli while in Rome, enjoy a warm goulash alongside a mulled wine while in Prague, or have a bowl of chestnut soup as you make your way through Paris.

These are just some of the best reasons to plan an autumn European getaway. You’re sure to enjoy Europe in autumn as you create memorable moments with your friends or family. If you’re looking to experience the best foods and drinks in each city, be sure to book a food tour with Eating Europe. It’s a great way to learn about the culture and cuisine as you explore new places.

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