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Best shows to see at Vault Festival 2019

Best shows to see at Vault Festival 2019

Waterloo’s (literally) underground theatre and comedy fest is back for 2019 with a mammoth line-up of more than 400 shows. Here’s our pick of the weird goings-on in and around London’s wildest tunnels.

‘Counting Sheep’: An immersive protest
Spine-tingling choral music and an open invitation to dance, feast and protest make Edinburgh Fringe hit ‘Counting Sheep’ – which stages the 2014 anti-government demonstrations in Ukraine – a festival highlight.
The Vaults. Wed Jan 23-Mar 17. £26.50-£40.

‘Katie & Pip’: A life-saving pooch
A border collie stars alongside his diabetic teenage owner in ‘Katie & Pip’. Katie explains how she trained her pet to monitor her blood sugar levels. Then things fly out of control in a dog-mask-wearing, tennis ball-filled celebration of their relationship.
Network Theatre. Wed Jan 23-Sun Jan 27. £15.

‘Fatty Fat Fat’: The ultimate antidote to January dieting
Stick two fingers up at the pressure to shed pounds with Katie Greenall’s show ‘Fatty Fat Fat’. She’ll pass round some crisps and take you on a journey to radical fat acceptance. Riot, don’t diet!
The Vaults. Jan 30-Feb 3. £15.

‘Hear Me Howl’: Child-free punk fury
Exhilaratingly fiery comedy ‘Hear Me Howl’ is soundtracked by an onstage drum kit. It’s the story of 30-year-old Jess, who fights the pressure to have kids by joining a post-punk band.
The Vaults. Jan 30-Feb 3. £15.

‘Director’s Cut’: Vintage terror
Retro horror masters Kill the Beast will scare the long johns off you with ‘Director’s Cut’. Set behind the scenes at a ’70s movie shoot, it’s bursting with bad wigs, shocks and chillingly funny jokes.
The Vaults. Jan 30-Feb 3. £19.

‘Jericho’: Pro-wrestling
Performers in spandex rompers explore post-truth politics, journalism and justice in another Edinburgh hit, ‘Jericho’ – and it’s a knockout.
The Vaults. Feb 6-10. £15.

‘Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist’: A star turn (maybe)
The androgynous movie icon shows up on a depressed gay man’s doorstep in ‘Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist’. This absurd queer comedy by Tom Lenk (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’) is the story of an unlikely friendship that’s more uplifting than Tilda’s quiff. 
The Vaults. Feb 6-17. £15. 

Vault Festival runs Jan 23-Mar 17

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