The pandemic has been hard on everyone, and London’s museums are no exception, especially the smaller ones. So it’s not a massive surprise that Camden’s relatively new Vagina Museum is in trouble and needs some help. It’s been closed to the public since, well, you know when, and funding has been tough to come by.

So it’s come up with a solution: a blind auction, all online. It’s pulled together a selection of graphic, artistic and sometimes even a little sweary work from 58 different artists, and put them all up for online auction. There’s a gorgeously colourful splodge from Alfie Kungu, a classically posed photograph by Alina Gross, a line drawing by Hayden Kays, a watercolour from Emma Halenko, beautifully typeset euphemisms by Laurie Lee and Dave Buonaguidi and tons of other vagina-tastic artworks. 

All proceeds will go towards helping the museum reopen at the start of October, so get bidding and help out one of London’s most intimate institutions. You have until October 5 to get your bids in, and you can view all the art here. Cross your fingers (and your legs).

In other art news, a naked art installation has taken over Alexandra Palace.

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